Hashmi Begum, a self-dependent separated single mother of four daughters and four sons, tells us her struggles through her journey of life and how Margdarshak helped her to resiliently get back on her feet and keep her chin up in the society

I am a mother of four daughters and four sons. I live in Nihalpur Allahabad District. I am a master tailor and I have a set up my work station here at my home itself. I faced many life difficulties after my husband left me to marry the second time. Having these many children slowly racked up to become a frighteningly huge responsibility. I used to sew a little before but my business wasn’t much known to the people. Having just one machine to sew alone wasn’t enough to progress and make a living out of it. The pressure was starting to get to me. I got intrigued when I came to know about Margdarshak that it was a financial institution that gives away loans. I took a loan of 15k to invest the money in my business. I bought a new machine. My business grew. I repayed my first loan and then took another loan from Margdarshak of 30k. Then I bought another two machines and kept two women to work for me. I trained both of them, even tutored a few others and I slowly started to grasp this kind of working lifestyle. I was able to provide for my children, pay for their education and successfully got two of them married. I duly acknowledge and thank Margdarshak for their support in the very crucial stage of my life.

Aradhna, Margdarshak’s first client of Home Improvement Loan in Bihar, shares her story of how empowered she feels after her business’ growth & expansion, borrowing from us

I have a production line set up of Adauri (an edible item popular in Bihar). The lack of proper storage for drying Adauri, especially in the monsoons, sternly affected my business. I had trouble paying rent of my general store as low production equals low transactions. I heard about Margdarshak’snew home improvement loan product andquickly decided to avail the loan. I have already availed two loans from Margdarshak for the business and have already repaid the first loan. Now I have got an additional room made from which I started to earn monthly rentals and I also refurbished my production set up/storage in my home. Moreover, the boosted financial situation helped augment the previous limited items in my general store to get greater returns and thus, my business has expanded significantly. I feel empowered in actual terms.

Geeta Devi, tells us how hectic she found the conditional repayment methods of Saahukaars and how relieved she was after she discovered Margdarshak which helped her save and sustain her business.

I have a livestock(cows)/milk business. The situation at home was worsening with every tick of the clock. I had used up most of my money for my children’s education (till inter-college). All the money spent weakened my financial state to such extent that it shook my business. I had to seek help. I borrowed money from a Saahukaar who gave me a very strict condition to repay. The saahukaar kept breathing down my neck for repayment and it became so hectic that I couldn’t use the borrowed money in my business and that took a toll on me. I first came to know about Margdarshak and borrowed a loan of Rs. 20,000. I borrowed with the intention of recovering my business’ state. I bought a cow. The additional cow helped me recover money faster. It was relieving. The repayment scheme of Margdarshak is also less stressful. The house we live in, even though incomplete, is a result of the recovered business that I sustained from the provided support of Margarshak. I also gave away two of my daughters in marriage. I am grateful to Margdarshak for their kind support when I needed help the most.