JOIN our community to make a difference and give your life a meaning

We all strive to gain degrees, awards and accolades. But what happens to the skills when we stop working or when we choose not to work. If you feel you have a special skill or talent and you rarely get to use it , join us to experience how you can put it to fantastic use by helping shape our community by volunteering with us.Your wealth of experience is of immense value to communities with whom Margdarshak work’s.

Your skills and learnings accumulated over a lifetime of working can now be passed on to the families of our clients & members who can benefit from your wealth of knowledge, skills and networks. After having taken care of your family responsibiities and with time in hand, we offer you a platform for brining about changes in the lives of marginalised and under-privileged communities. Come join us to share your skills and abilities by mentoring our employees, projects and families in contributing to the nation building.